Why Aswaq

We are distinguished from others by the following
  1. Aswaq is a special company that characterized in manufacturing and implementing of promotional gifts and advertising methods professionally with more than 10 years of experience. Of which we are really glad to offer to you.
  2. We have an outstanding customer care service team that Speaks Arabic, English, Chinese and Malay to facilitate communications and coordinate your notes and comments efficiently, leading to implementing them as required. 
  3. We have a marketing and promotion department that provides a permanent support to our clients through continuous communication and put forward opinions and work on articulate them to come up with ideas and promotional materials that match customer targets.
  4. We apply a modern system to control and complete implementation and delivery on time. We operate with modern means of quality control in the smallest details of the product to match the global standards specifications and using the latest imprinting and packaging types and methods.
  5. Easy to work with us through the website of the company, which enables customers to enter the world of promotional gifts and advertising methods. Our website Features advanced search techniques to locate items according to the name of the product, occasion or category. It is easy to identify the types, quantities, desired colors and imprinting methods. Then ask for quotations in a short period of time.  Customers have the possibility to follow up all new and special discounts of ASWAQ products where we always offer the lowest prices ever and many other things you can find them in our website.  
  6. We are located in many countries and deal with clients around the world which help us in shaping and developing new ideas to our customers permanently and continuously.
  7.  Our Vision:
             partners in excellence and success....... working hard fulfilling customer's goals