Printing Services


AD1-001: -  Water base silkscreen printing:

Water base silkscreen printing used to print on fabrics and clothes, and characterized by resistance to washing and last for a long time. In this method, you can choose from one color up to 5 colors of printing.


AD1-002: -Plastisol base silkscreen printing

In this printing type, we are using Plastisol ink for printing on fabrics and clothes, and it’s characterized by reach printing color. And you can choose  one up to four colors for printing



 AD1-003: -Heat Transfer.

 Full-Color Sublimation method used to print pictures and too many colors on mixed fabrics or polyester, the pictures get printing on paper rolls then used heat transfer machine to imprint them on fabrics, usually this type of printing used for large quantities of fabrics or flags.




AD1-004:- Heat Transfer B

 This type of printing is characterized by the ability to print pictures and full-color sublimation by embossing them on fabrics with heat transfer .it’s used to printing on fabrics like Caps, and T-Shirt.




 AD1-005:- Embroidery

Embroidery the logo on caps, Polo Shirts, and fabrics considered a special way to promote the company’s logo, where this method Computerized sewing machines stitch high quality and stylish imprint on the item. 





AD1-006:- 3D Embroidery

 3D Embroidery logo on fabrics considered a new and luxury way to promote the logo in 3D.





AD1-007:- Plastic Silkscreen Printing

 Screens Printing with plastic ink suitable for all type of plastic material, and can be print using one up to five colors.




AD1-008:- Silkscreen Printing on Metal & Glass

Screens printing with special ink for metal, glass, marble, and porcelain which need a certain degree to effectively install the color, and can be printed from 1 up to 5 colors.






AD1-009:- Digital color printing

 Digital color printing for flat and round surfaces by using Dye sublimation which considers one of the best and most effective printing methods for metal and porcelain.







AD1-010:- Embossing

 Embossing is a method of gift personalization and is typically used on soft surfaces such as paper and leather. It used an engraved copper mold and heat stamped onto the product, given it a sunken effect.




AD1-011:- Embossing with color

Logo embossing is one of the luxurious ways of printing. It is used by stamping a mold press on the product and adding a golden color, shiny silver or other colors as requested. It can be used on leather, PU, thick papers and some kinds of plastic.



AD1-012:-Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving on Metal: This type of printing used by modern Laser machines by engrave on metal and some other materials. Images can be drilling with high accuracy and no possibility of removing it. This method is characterized by its high precision and the ability to add logo in a very small size where other printing methods can’t apply. It can be used on VIP gifts such as metal pens, medals, mobiles and laptops covers and much more.



AD1-013:-2D Pressing Deposing

Deposing pressing is well known for its luxurious effect on metal. It is done by deep pressing on metals using a copper mold. It is mostly used for thick metal plates and metal medals.




AD1-014:-2D Pressing Embossing

2D Pressing Embossing: is Characterized by luxury. It is used by having a Prominently pressing on metals by using a copper mold. It is mostly used for thick metal plates and metal medals.



AD1-015: - Sandblasting

Sandblasting is one of the finest artistic and special ways of printing. It is used by Engraving on Crystal, glass, and metals with high accuracy 2D. Usually, it is used to drill commemorative shields and luxurious gifts with the ability to put the logo in colors.



AD1-016: - Magical Heat Transfer

Magical thermal printing is one of the promotional ways and it is characterized by its remarkable way, where the logo does not appear unless the surface was touched by a hot liquid. Mostly it is used for printing on cups.



AD1-017: - Clear Epoxy

Clear Epoxy is some kind of material used to add a special appearance to the gift. It is also used to cover the logos on metals and posters.



AD1-018-Full Color HD+LD

Printing on plastic bags is done by using special inks and machines and it is vary depending on the colors techniques where four-colors and be printed separately or sort the colors on plastic rolls before final output



AD1-019: -Offset Printing

Offset printing can be done on all types of papers through printers with on color to sort colors facility. It is used to print magazines, books, posters and advertising prints.



AD1-020: -Lazer Engraving

Laser engraving is done through engraving machines on solid materials like metal, glass, wood, and acrylic with the required depth and colors.



AD1-021: -Automatic Screen Printing

Printing on products in Metal cans and paper packs are made through modern Automatic printing machines.



AD1-022-Addon Label Plate

This is done by adding a plate with the logo on the product and it comes in different varieties:

Metal Name plates

PVC Name Plate

Woven Label

Leather Label